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I don't normally write reviews but I was going over my emails and came across some conversations Abigail and I had over the course of a month and realised I never did a review. I found my baby fur girl on puppy find, I didn't at the time know much about dogs and wheening them off their mom's I just knew I wanted a puppy.

I lived in an apt so I wanted something small. I looked for minis and tea cup Yorkies. well I found my heart she was right there in front of me but I didn't know it at the time cause I was going to get her brother but at the very last minute I decided i wanted a girl and I got Jill currently called Nahlah. I did feel like I was getting the run around every week it was one thing or another she's not eating she's under weight etc.

i almost gave up. i just thought they were born you sell or gave them away that was that, i forgot the inbetween, the 3 to 4 month waiting period but she kept me in the loop. right now as I read my emails to her I sound drunk...*** spell check. my baby was born on July 14th that is one reason I wanted her and the other was they squat not lift and she was a mini.

at the time she was 3.3lbs per email and went straight to the vet that Monday. she arrived by van and we met up, the driver gave me her and a care bag...awesome! it helped. took her home and she heeved and coughed i thought she was gonna die -stayed up with her until i could take her to the vet that monday.

at the vet, got exam and found she had a cold and allergies didn't know dogs could catch cold but It was raining and cold that month and year 2012 Oct 4th. got the meds and contacted Abigail about my new dog. she offered to pay for the medication, it didn't happen but she offered. it wasnt until about Jan or Feb I realized my dog is fat, not phat but F A T.

what happened? she was suppose to be a mini, she looks like a regular sized yorkiepoo she no longer fits in my bag but what was I gonna do, complain? send her fat *** back? i love my fatty.

i didnt have a bad experience with Abigail it was the usual. maybe i lucked out or maybe people exaggerate or maybe there was an issue we will never hear both sides of the story and if so everyone has their own truth so how will we really know? do we listen to others rant and rage ready to destroys someones livelihood and name because of an experience we dont really know happened or not. i dont follow a straight path i sit when everyone else is standing i laugh when its a time to cry i write in pen when it says please use pencil.

i read reviews get an idea then i say how many people got good service and never said anything then there are the ones who had bad service who will and want to post things, how many bad reviews are there.

then i make a judegement call, to each it's own. ld have been happier if my little girl was a mini but as it stands today i wouldn't give her up.

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